9 reasons to visit Madhav Netralaya

Madhav Netralaya, one of the best eye hospitals in Nagpur is well equipped to provide a wide range of eye care for its patients. From problems and issues related to the cornea to low vision solutions, all under one roof!
Cornea related diseases and disorders
The cornea can be defined as a transparent layer forming the front part of the eye that shields the eye from harm and also acts as an eye’s outermost lens that allows entry of light in the eyes. As the cornea acts as a window that allows entry of light in the eye and contributes to 65-75 percent to the eye’s focusing strength. Corneal damage or other corneal diseases is a serious condition can cause clouding, distortion and even blindness in certain cases.
Refractive surgery and LASIK surgery
When the eye fails to focus the ray of light, the image that one sees is completely blurry. This error is known as refractive error. There are four different types of refractive errors. One, Nearsightedness, two, farsightedness, three, astigmatism and four, presbyopia LASIK surgery, is a type of corrective surgery that is practiced to correct refractive errors.
Retina and Vitreous disorders
The retina is a light-sensing tissue that resides below the cornea. Retina relays the images to the brain and without a properly functioning retina vision is negatively affected. Common retinal conditions are floaters, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, retinal detachment, etc.
Glaucoma treatment
Glaucoma is one of the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide including around 12 million Indians. The vision loss that is brought in by glaucoma is progressive and irreversible but treatment in early phases can cure glaucoma, unlike cataract.
Cataract Surgeries
The department of cataract surgeries at Madhav Netrayala practices surgeries that are painless, sutureless, bloodless and makes sure that the patient regains their vision immediately post surgery. In cataract, the lens in the eye gets cloudy and the images start being blurry for the patient. This process is a part of the common aging process.
Pediatric Ophthalmology
A pediatric cataract is a leading cause of childhood blindness and if not treated immediately can cause a tremendous social, economic, and emotional burden on the child. Expert healthcare providers at Madhav Netralaya are experienced and trained to provide care of pediatric vision-related issues.
Ocular Immunology and Uveitis
Ocular immunology diagnoses and treats patients with inflammatory eye disorders. These disorders cause a slight reduction in vision to a severe loss of vision. Uveitis is a range of disorders where inflammation affects the uvea. These disorders can be an outcome of several underlying diseases and are treated at Madhav Netralaya with utmost care.
Department of Oculoplasty and Oncology
Madhav Netralaya has a team of well trained and highly experienced healthcare providers and top of the line technology that will help patients in getting apt treatment for their ailments.
Low vision care
The low vision department at Madhav Netralaya emphasizes to help the patients make most of their vision. Though vision cannot be improved after a certain limit one can be helped to use the available strength of vision to its fullest. Low vision can be treated with telescopic glasses, monocular telescopes with neck bands or telescopes mounted on spectacle frames, lenses filtering light, magnifying glass or even bar magnifiers.
There are 9 reasons for which you should visit Madhav Netralaya and get treated by one of Nagpur’s best eye doctors. For more details please visit www.madhavnetralaya.org