10 Easy ways for caring your eyes in summer

Summers are difficult for everyone and for various reasons too. From the discomforting heat to the strong chances of getting dehydrated, there are several things that can go wrong. To be healthy and strong during the summers one has to take care of quite a few things and eye care is a part of it.
Usual summer eye care can be described in ten simple steps.
1. Protecting one’s skin from Ultraviolet Rays (UVR)is not enough, eyes too need protection from UVR to maintain a good vision during the summers. Sunglasses are the best option but should provide complete protection from UVR.
2. Protection from communicable diseases is equally important and what is the best way to stay protected from communicable diseases to avoid touching your eyes and making sure your hands are washed clean.
3. Pools are great ways to cool down during summers but there are several issues that can cause damage to your eyes. The chlorine that is added to the pool water to fight against the germ growth but it can damage your eyes too. Pool goggles prove to be very useful in protection from the pool water chlorine.
4. No pair of sunglasses are capable enough of providing 100 percent protection as there lies a gap along the sides of the glasses that need protection. A hat with a brim of three inches can help you a lot.
5. Our worlds are filled with chemicals and are being used in the outside world constantly, from the soap bubbles that can burst near your eye, spray paints, cleaning liquids, deodorants, etc all can cause damage to the eye in some way or the other.
6. Safety cannot be accepted in a snap of fingers, it has to teach to children from the very beginning. Educating our young ones about the use of sunglasses and sunscreens is very important.
7. Threats to good eye health are not only from the chemical factors, but there are also environmental risk factors too like sand and dust. These are capable of causing abrasions on the cornea.
8. Do you know what affects the vision and our health the most? Food and water. Eat healthily and make sure you remain hydrated. Good nutritious food helps you avoid the development of long term vision related illnesses. Also, fighting the chances of dehydration are very high in the summers, plenty of water is the only solution.
9. Adequate sleep is the way to reboot your eyes, gives them time to deal with the stress that is caused during the time when the eye is open. Over-stressed eyes cause a decrease in cognition while performing activities like driving etc.
10. Tired eyes point toward dry eyes. Dry eyes often lead to rubbing of eyes with hands and thus creates scope for communicable diseases. There are certain eye drops that can help you deal with dryness of the eyes.
Summers are harsh and human eyes are very sensitive. Follow these steps to make sure that your eyes remain safe. In case if you feel any discomfort you are suggested to meet an ophthalmologist (eye-specialist) as soon as possible. If you are in central India or Nagpur, Madhav Netralaya is one of the best eye hospitals. For more details please visit www.madhavnetralaya.org