Signs to figure out if your child needs glasses.

Vision-related issues with children can go unnoticed more often as compared to adults and these issues are capable of creating performance related issues inside as well as outside of the classroom. To make sure no vision related issue goes unnoticed, one needs a proper understanding of eye health.
The visual system of children is in the developing stage in the first few years and most of the vision-related treatments in this time period are to facilitate better and faster development.
Eyeglasses are a very common form of treatment that is prescribed for the following reasons,
  • Betterment of vision
  • Improving vision in a lazy eye
  • Improving position in case of crossed or misaligned eyes.
Here are a few indicative signs that point out towards the need for glasses for your child,
1. Squinting is never a good sign and most of the times, it suggests the occurrence of a refractive error. Having a refractive error translates to difficulty in focusing,
squinting temporarily helps in improving the clarity and focus.
2. Frequent tilting of the head or covering an eye can point towards an attempt of adjusting the angle of vision. This may be a reason for amblyopia i.e. lazy eye.
3. Being very close to the television or the hand-held devices are possible signs of poor vision. Problems like myopia or nearsightedness do not affect the clarity or focus at a shorter discussion.
4. Excessive rubbing of eyes indicates eye fatigue and excess stress. This too can be a sign of severe vision-related problems and conditions including allergic
5. Headaches and eye pain too are signs of an excess of strain on the eye resulting from excess efforts made by the eye in an attempt to focus better.
Most of the problems mentioned above can be treated or eased with the usage of proper eyeglasses and the need can be determined with the help of a comprehensive examination that assesses visual acuity, sharpness, and clarity. This test also tests for eye alignment issues(crossed eyes), perception of the depth and overall health of the eye too.
If you observe any of the above-mentioned conditions or your child complains of troubles related to vision, you should visit an ophthalmologist immediately. Nagpur’s Madhav Netralaya, one of the best eye hospitals Nagpur is a well-equipped hospital with top of the line technology and teams of a well experienced and dedicated team of healthcare providers to help you and your child with every kind of vision-related issues.
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If your child already has glasses it is very important to get the eye check on a regular basis. One must understand that vision-related issues can drastically affect the learning process. These issues are more serious than often perceived and are capable of drastically affecting the learning Process. Thus, making it very important for a parent to be well aware of the child eye health.