IT Infrastructure of Madhav Netralaya City Centre

A well developed, matured system
Today, the importance of health IT results from the combination of evolving technology and changing government policies that influence the quality of patient care. Modern health IT received a boost when the Government of India has pushed for centralized repositories for the citizens of India.
More recent innovations in health IT technology include the greater use of the application program interface (API) to improve interoperability, the ability to access and interact with health data via mobile devices and further exploration of blockchain as a way to better access and secure medical records.
The IT Department in Madhav Netralaya Eye Institute & Research Centre is a dedicated team of professionals who have developed the State of Art IT Infrastructure and are responsible for keeping it at par with current technology to contribute in achieving excellence in HealthCare.
Madhav Netralaya Eye Institute & Research Centre has emerged as the trusted of masses by providing HealthCare services in the field of Ophthalmology. The IT Department has contributed by implementing, configuring and maintaining in Hospital MIS with specialized EMR for extensive eye care. The Software is HL7, HIPA and all compliance one. The solution provides patient edictal records on the fingertips of an elite team of Doctors.
It covers the entire process flow of OPD patients right from, Appointment scheduling, Consultation, Diagnostic services, Surgical Procedure to Discharge. The Hospital Information system is integrated with the latest Medical Equipment like Zeiss, Vision Imaging Systems and Alcon.
IT Department team maintains the storage of Servers, CCTV feeds and Healthcare Records (Live Surgeries Videos). The Disaster recovery manager is also placed for emergencies onsite and offsite data Backup is taken on a regular basis for NAS in case of Hardware Failures and Natural Disaster.
NAS Storage
Modern data centers are tasked with delivering intelligent multi‐media responses to real‐time human interactions. Massive amounts of data are being churned and sifted by highly parallel applications, such as Online Data Intensive Services and Artificial Intelligence. New advancements in high‐speed. A key to advancing infrastructure to the next level is the elimination of loss in the network, including loss due to latency. Congestion is the primary source of loss and leads to dramatic performance degradation. New technologies are arising to combat loss in the data center network
IT Department also takes care of Building Management Software LV solutions like PA System, CCTV System, Audio-Visual display mediums, Access controls (Role based access), CCTV security monitoring and storage of recorded feeds, Fire Alarms.