Eye Care Tips That You Must Practice During COVID-19 Lockdown


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During self-quarantine, one might be glued to the television screen, mobile phones or computer screen without giving your eyes a break. Eyes are one of the main sensory organs in our body and we constantly keep using our eyes throughout the day. Just as our body needs rest, so do our eyes.
If one keeps watching various shows and movies throughout the day, your eyes may begin to start burning which may cause tears and redness in the eye. Make sure you take a 20-minute break to calm your eyes and indulge in some eye-exercises. To cool your eyes, you could try cutting a slice of cucumber or adding rose water on a tissue ball and keeping it on your eyes and relax. This effect will leave your eyes hydrated and fresh for a longer period of time.
One could also try doing some eye exercises to improve vision. You could try moving your eye in a circular motion, side to side, up to down. Make sure you consult your doctor before trying any of the exercises or remedies. Instead of being glued to the television, one can indulge in reading a book as it will also help in enhancing your vision and your mind. Many of us watch the screen in the dark, it is said that this is considered to be bad as we are straining our eyes to an extreme level.

Hacks while watching the television


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One must also avoid staring at the lights or direct sunlight if you want to make sure you use an anti-glare screen if needed. While watching the television make sure you choose a comfortable spot. While watching if you feel your eyes are getting dry, make sure you blink and wash your face. Rest your eyes every 20 minutes. Always remember to not stay glued to the television, get up every two hours and give your eyes a break.