Madhav Netralaya Launches Phakic IOL Surgery (IPCL)

Shreyash Sontakey (name changed) a 27 years old young man walked into Madhav Netralaya a month ago with the hope to get rid of his very thick glasses. Shreyash had an error of -15.50. With such a high number Shreyash was totally dependent on glasses. His vision was so low that he could barely make out a hand moving close to his face without glasses. Such high refractive errors cannot be rectified by any laser correction procedures
Dr. Apurva Gupte the cornea and refractive surgery head in Madhav Netralaya performed the first of its kind Phakic IOL IPCL (implantable phakic contact lens) surgery on the individual. The surgery was performed on 2 March 2022. The patient has complete 6/6 vision on the first post-operation day and was extremely delighted to get rid of his glasses.
Dr Apurva Gupte
The surgery involves placing a very thin non – toxic, foldable lens in front of our normal crystalline lens of the eye. The lens is customized for each patient taking into account his eye size and refractive error. The IPCL is injected through a very small painless, self-sealing corneal incision.
A suitable candidate for IPCL surgery is the one who has completed 20 years of age with a stable glass number. The candidate should have a high power of more than 8 dioptres. The IPCL surgery is recommended for spectacle removal of individuals with the very thin cornea (<450 microns). Phakic IOL surgery shows no regression, the improvement in vision stays stable for many years until the patient develops a cataract Unlike the laser correction procedures like LASIK/PRK where the shape of the cornea is changed Ipcl doesn’t alter any tissue. IPCL surgery is a reversible surgery, unlike laser correction procedures which are irreversible.
Dr. Apurva Gupte thanked medical director Dr. Varada Gokhale and the staff for letting her launch a new surgery in Madhav Netralaya to cater to many such high refractive error patients.