8.45 am – 6. 15 pm

“Embracing the Gift of Sight: Observing Rashtriya Netradan Pakhwada

Dr. Avinash Chandra Agnihotriji, General secretary of Madhav Netralaya Eye Hospital and Research Centre through this video dedicated to the significant and heartwarming observance of Rashtriya Netradan Pakhwada, an initiative focused on promoting eye donation and raising awareness about the transformative impact of this selfless act.

In this video, we delve into the essence of Rashtriya Netradan Pakhwada, exploring its purpose, activities, and the stories of hope that exemplify the incredible change that can be brought about through the act of eye donation.

Join us in this journey to celebrate the spirit of compassion and the gift of vision. Let’s amplify the message of Rashtriya Netradan Pakhwada together and inspire others to make a difference. Share this video far and wide, and let’s work hand in hand to create a world where the light of sight reaches every corner.


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