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Preserving and Enhancing Vision: The primary aim of an eye care hospital is to provide comprehensive eye care services aimed at preserving and enhancing the vision of its patients. This includes diagnosing and treating eye conditions and disorders to improve the quality of life for individuals.

Promoting Eye Health: Another fundamental aim is to promote eye health and raise awareness about the importance of regular eye examinations, preventive measures, and healthy lifestyle choices that can maintain good vision.

Providing Accessible Care: To ensure that eye care is accessible to all segments of the population, including those with limited financial resources, by offering a range of services, including affordable options and outreach programs.

Research and Innovation: To contribute to the advancement of ophthalmic knowledge and technology by engaging in research initiatives, clinical trials, and partnerships with research institutions. The aim is to continually improve treatment options and outcomes for patients.


Clinical Excellence: To offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services for a wide range of eye conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma, Lasik, and more.

Patient-Centred Care: To prioritise patient satisfaction and well-being by providing personalized, compassionate, and comprehensive care tailored to each patient’s needs.

Preventive Care: To educate patients about the importance of regular eye exams and preventive measures, such as early detection of eye diseases and promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

Community Outreach: To engage in community outreach programs, including free eye screenings, awareness campaigns, and educational events, to serve the broader community and promote eye health.

Affordability and Accessibility: To develop strategies and programs that make eye care services accessible and affordable to all socioeconomic groups, including offering financial assistance programs when needed.

Research and Development: To conduct research and clinical trials aimed at advancing the field of ophthalmology, leading to improved treatment options and outcomes.

Quality Assurance: To implement rigorous quality assurance and patient safety protocols to ensure that the highest standards of care are consistently maintained.

Technology Integration: To continually invest in and integrate the latest technological advancements in eye care, enhancing diagnosis, treatment, and patient experience.

Sustainability and Growth: To ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the hospital to serve the needs of the community effectively.