Visionary Breakthrough at Madhav Netralaya: Spectacle power of -25.00 ds/-4.0 cyl removed by IPCL Surgery (Highest Spectacle Power corrected by surgeryin Nagpur)

Dr. Nikhil Gotmare, Consultant Cornea, Refractive and cataract surgeon at Madhav Netralaya, successfully performed this IPCL (Implantable Phakic Contact Lens) surgery, which addressed the complex vision impairment of Miss. Reena Sathe (Name changed), who had high spectacle power in both eyes (up to minus 25 in one of the eyes).

IPCL surgery involves the implantation of a specialized lens within the eye to correct high refractive errors, which cannot be corrected with laser surgeries like LASIK or PRK.
What sets Dr. Gotmare’s recent accomplishment apart is the successful correction of the highest spectacle power correction ever attempted in Nagpur, challenging the conventional limits of eye care. This not only signifies a quantum leap in eye care but also offers a life-changing solution for individuals grappling with severe refractive errors.

Reena, the recipient of this surgery, expressed immense gratitude and elation, stating, “I never thought I could experience such clarity of vision. Dr. Gotmare and his team have given me a new outlook on life, quite literally.”

Hospital officials at Madhav Netralaya lauded Dr. Nikhil Gotmare’s achievement as a step forward for eye care in Nagpur. Dr. Varada Gokhale, Medical director of Madhav Netralaya remarked, “Dr. Gotmare’s success in correcting such a high spectacle power with IPCL surgery paves the way for a new era in the treatment of severe refractive errors. This achievement is a testament to the high standards of medical care we strive for at Madhav Netralaya “

Dr. Gotmare, known for his commitment to advancing eye care, expressed his enthusiasm for the potential impact of this achievement. “The success of this surgery goes beyond the individual case; it opens doors for patients with extreme refractive errors who may have felt there were no viable options for them. We are proud to contribute to the advancement of eye care in our city,” he stated.

Dr. Gotmare thanked Dr. Varada Gokhale (Medical director), Dr. Aditya Deo (Glaucoma services), Dr. Hitesh Yadav (Retina services) and entire team at Madhav Netralaya for their support.

The accomplishment has generated widespread interest within the medical community, and Dr. Gotmare is expected to share insights into the surgical technique at upcoming ophthalmology conferences.

The success achieved by Dr. Gotmare sets a new standard in eye care, exemplifying the Madhav Netralaya’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical excellence.

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