Finance Manager
Brief info

Mr. Girish Labhe a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience in financial management. With a proven track record of fostering financial health for businesses, Mr. Girish brings expertise in budgeting, strategic financial planning, and meticulous record-keeping. Known for precision and a keen eye for details Mr. Girish is committed to ensuring the financial well-being of our clients.
Mr. Labhe brings to the table a wealth of experience and a passion for precision in financial management. With his astute understanding of financial principles and his unwavering commitment to excellence, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring the fiscal health and sustainability of our hospital. His expertise extends beyond mere number-crunching; he possesses a keen insight into the unique financial dynamics of the healthcare sector, allowing him to navigate complexities with ease.
Beyond his professional prowess, Mr. Labhe embodies the core values that define Madhav Netralaya Eye Institute and Research Centre. His dedication to serving our community aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide compassionate and accessible eye care to all, irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds.

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