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Manish Malani is a prominent personality who wears many hats with aplomb and has earned reputation and fame as an entrepreneur, a technocrat, a political analyst, a media and entertainment professional and a staunch human rights supporter.
He brings on board vast entrepreneurial acumen, managerial expertise, subject knowledge, hands-on experience, professional beducation, and an inclination to serve the society and the country.
He is founder of M/s JD IT Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and also more than 20 years of diverse experience in Civil Engineering and Telecommunication Services.
He is the promoter of the “Rashtrabaan Newspaper”, which has been publishing and circulating in Madhya Pradesh since 2017. Additionally, the newspaper has been published and distributed in Maharashtra for the past year. He has invested his expertise in a media channel named “Maharashtra TV24”, which was established in 2020.
He is also work as a Social Worker since last 15 years for work for social cause of community and he is also work in communities with people finding positive ways forward in the challenges they face in their lives and also to solve a social problem or need.
He is also National Member Kamba (Saksham). With the having his intellectual strengths and bend towards serving the society and the people through his expertise and interests as a journalist and human rights proponent and activist, right from his formative years. He shares a strong belief in creating a just and equitable society for all within and beyond the national boundaries.

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